In Hungary all students in higher education are required to have a foreign language certificate (or certificates, depending on the course of study or the type of institution they attend), to earn a diploma or a degree.


In Hungary ITK ORIGO is considered the oldest and most reliable language examination. The Budapest-based language centre is an independent non-profit institution under the auspices of Eötvös Lóránd University (ELTE). Its profile is general bilingual exams, but monolingual examinations in certain languages such as Esperanto or Hungarian as a second language, are also in its scope. It has a nationwide network of administering examinations in 30 languages.


The Foreign Language Centre of the University of West Hungary in Sopron has been an accredited centre of ITK ORIGO general state examinations since 1990. Sopron offers 6 exam times a year.

At the Sopron centre you can take oral and written examinations in English and German on levels B1, B2, C1.

It is possible to take written examinations in any language included in the ITK ORIGO scheme .


Advantages of ITK ORIGO:

With the exception of the oral test, you can use either bilingual or monolingual dictionaries during the written exam. You can get a certificate either for a successful oral (A) or written (B) exam separately, or you can have a combined exam (C), that is oral and written combined.

The examination fees are lower than those of other general language examination systems.


ITK ORIGO samples of written exams (with solutions) see HERE.


For further information and details on ITK ORIGO see


Application forms are available at the Secretary’s Office of The Foreign Language Centre as well as at any other ITK ORIGO language examination centre in the country. Application forms can also be sent by mail.

Application forms can be downloaded HERE.