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Who We Are

The Foreign Language Centre is founded upon "three pillars" that define the areas upon which the Centre concentrates its activities.  These "three pillars" are:

- foreign language instruction and test preparation for the students of the University of Sopron

- being an accredited test centre for four state foreign language exams

- offering foreign language instruction and other language services to the general public and the business community


First and foremost, The Foreign Language Centre provides foreign language instruction for the students of the University of Sopron. Our main role is to help students master a foreign language and prepare them for the language exams they need to obtain their full degrees and diplomas. 

The Foreign Language Centre is essentially a part of the Faculty of Forestry, but it instructs students from other faculties in Sopron including The Simonyi Karoly Faculty of Engineering, Wood Sciences, and Applied Arts and the Faculty of Economics.

Our educational focus is English and German and we provide instruction on the practical, daily use of both languages as well as the acquisition of specialist and vocational terminologies used the fields of forestry, hunting and wildlife management, environmental conservation and protection, wood crafting and technology, and business and economics.  


Because The Foreign Language Centre is a well-respected and recognized institution of language learning, it is the home of four accredited language examination systems certified by the state:

Every one of our skilled instructors, who are respected for their high quality of teaching and proctoring, holds the required examiner licences for the examinations mentioned above.

The Foreign Language Centre offers the opportunity to sit a state examination to both our university students and also to the general public. Students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels are welcome to register for any or all upcoming state language examinations.  


Finally, The Foreign Language Center also operates as an independent University Language School that offers English, German an Hungarian as Foreign Language courses that are open to the general public and the business community.

The Centre also provides language services including the proofreading and copyediting of translated texts to corporate clients and private individuals. To learn more about these services, please click here.

For more information about any of The Foreign Language Centre's "three pillars", please contact us:  inyk[at]