ZÖLD ÚT (GREEN WAY) is a bilingual language examination for special terminologies used in economics, agriculture and technology. The exams are accredited and recognised in Hungary.


ZÖLD ÚT, which is based out of the Szent István University in Gödöllő, has 19 accredited examination centres.  In 2008The Foreign Language Centre in Sopron became one of these accredited examination centres.


To get their BA or BSc. Degrees, students of economics in Hungary are required to have a special language certificate in the subject. Students studying agricultural sciences need a language exam in agricultural topics. The Foreign Language Centre provides courses and examinations in English and German at B2, C1 levels for students of economics, and examinations in agriculture for students of agricultural studies.


Since 2010 students of the Faculty of Engineering, Wood Sciences, and Applied Arts at the University of West Hungary in Sopron have the opportunity to take special language exams in technology at the Foreign Language Centre in Sopron.


Advantages of ZÖLD ÚT:

  • You can prepare for and take the exam in the same location. You are familiar with the requirements of the exam and the location where you will take it.
  • High success rate for exams.
  • Lowest of all examinations fees.



For further information visit the homepage http://ivk.szie.hu/Vizsgahelyek


Samples of the exams (with solution) HERE.